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Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Paris Hilton gossip chaotic embrace Islam

LONDON - Speculation celebrity Paris Hilton to embrace Islam is widespread in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, reported the London Muslim sites on the Internet on Monday.

According to the site, rumors about Paris that later spread to North America and Europe.
This page is also published pictures of Paris wearing a head covering.
Press-line newspaper in Indonesia, also carried the same story no stars The Simple Life reality show that has been converted to Islam.
Actually, the news about Paris, the religion of Islam was published for the first time in the Daily Squib news site on the Internet.
In the site, the spokesman for Paris, Paris Ian Brinkham states have converted to Islam and to establish a religious school in the middle of Beverly Hills, United States, which will open in July.
However, some Internet users fall prey to the story without knowing that the Daily Squib is a site that publishing false news in order to satirize actors, singers and celebrities.
While the news about Paris embraced Islam spread, the celebrity bimbangnya expressive as he will age 30 years on 17 February.
"I seem to believe that I will be 30 years old, but at least I like the age of 20 years," she told Closer magazine entertainment yesterday.
Celebrity is also planning to go to several places to party like in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas.
On 3 February, in Paris, Frankfurt, Germany to promote canned wine, Prosecco. - Agencies


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