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Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011


Number 1 Yoga instructor in the world's oldest woman (85 years) Bette Calman 85 years old, so now he is still teaching yoga art movement that has many benefits for mankind. Despite her age, but the flexibility has been chewed and kelincahannya may be killing many of them young. During his 40 years he taught himself was the experience of yoga. 

NUMBER 2 The oldest woman to produce children (70 years) Rajo Devi Lohan came from India, after 40 years she waited to have one last issue on the age of 70 in November of 2008 and she gave birth to a sweet heart tunggunya long-awaited. If God can not want what happened?

NUMBER 3 Siamese twins attached at the world's oldest (60 years) Gaylon Mzureen never thought that his son would be borne twins attached at the 1951 cholera. In its proceedings paramedic has been attempted, the second possibility can be separated if possible. But the risks are very high, so the move does not continue. When is Ronnie and Donnie are attached at the abdomen was 60 years old but still strong and persevering Daylon live their lives in Ohio, the United States.

NUMBER 4 The oldest father can give parenthood (90 years) Ranu Ram Jogi, men from India are still strong at the age of 92 years had never had children and 21 were the last time he had descendants, and his fourth wife at age 90 years, and his constant desire to menghamil wife when possible so I reach 100 years. Number of children were 12 sons and nine daughters and 20 grandchildren.

NUMBER 5 The oldest cat in the world (29 years) Although now he is gone, but this record was recorded in the Guinness book in 1999 when he was 29 years, Spike is the name of the cat eventually died at 31 years old in July 2001. The owners of Mo Elkington was a member of aromatherapy from Dorset, England to buy Spike in 1970. Among the secrets of long life are other cats diet, they were fed meals of aloe vera to avoid a rheumatic (inflammatory disease of muscles and joints)

NUMBER 6 Model longest and oldest in the world (82 years) Grandma called Daphne Selfe yabg verusia 82 years old when the world is already struggling with the catwalk model for 62 years but his career was so brilliant in the world model. 


Flute (flut) the oldest in the world (35, 000 years)
An archaeologist said that the culture has developed since the beginning in Europe, the human being when it senses the modern perabadan. A team of 12 Uniersiti Tuebingan find flute sheet griffin from a cave in southern Germany and by the age of archaeological been mencecahkan 35, 000 years

saya minta maaf kalau ada kesalahan tatabahasa dan peniruan!!

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