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Ahad, 13 Februari 2011

Days without plastic bags

Days without plastic bags has been launched in the state since the 2nd of January 2010. Since it takes place, we heard positive or negative.

However, those who reside in rural areas that really need more attention has been neglected by us. Those who do not know the concept of a day without plastic bags are plastic bags a day without feeling a burden in their daily lives.
The campaign day without plastic bags should be implemented throughout the country, not just at the state level. If not, the public would be confused about this campaign and ultimately does not bring benefits to our earth, for they know not to use plastic bags will continue without limits.

Do we understand the concept of campaign days without plastic bags?

Are we just do not use plastic in the day but still practicing unsustainable practices?

For example, a manager tells his men, if they practice the day of the campaign without a plastic bag, surely no one would shop for a bag of twenty cents is charged.

In addition, shopping malls, providing recycling bins are not in use, recycling bins are not placed items can be recycled, but filled with all sorts of rubbish.

By reducing the use of plastics, not only to help fight the effects of climate change, but contribute to the health of consumers.

Although there is no long term studies showing the dangers of plastics and materials made of plastic, but we need to understand that plastic is made of chemicals, and no one will guarantee the chemical elements will not seep out, and this may be a source of Chronic disease is not known.

Days without plastic bags should not be limited without the plastic, but go on to other aspects, such as not using Styrofoam or polystyrene is a material that can only be used once.

In addition, the concept of 3R (reuse, reduce, recycle), recycling, reduce and recycle is an example that we need to practice every day, and not just for plastic only. It should include the materials in everyday life.

Government plays an important role in the promotion campaign days without plastic bags, and should be confirmed to the community that is always ignored.

Sam Wong Chin Kah
Consumers Association of Standards Malaysia

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