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Jumaat, 11 Februari 2011

Day to commemorate loved

Day to commemorate Valentine's Day sweetheart or come again. Festivals are usually highly anticipated by youth or young people, known as the feast day of lovers, which they think is most appropriate moment to express love and affection to their loved ones.
Festivals are celebrated on February 14 of each year, is celebrated in the cafes, hotels or places of romance, in which each pair of prize packages to give chocolates or flowers to a loved person. Then, various forms of entertainment such party contains singing, dancing and held the youth involved.
Independent preacher, Ustaz Mohd Zaidi Ramli said, not the day of Valentine's Day and the greatness of Muslim culture.
According to him, Valentine has nothing to do with Islam, therefore, it should not be a household name among us, because it is not religious nor our culture.
"For Christians, they are free to celebrate it because it really is teaching and the demands of the religious ritual. We can not prevent them to celebrate, whether it is beneficial or not is their business.
"But for Muslims, we reject this practice not because of hatred or hostility, but it's not our religion. Furthermore, when Islamic placing the dividing line is clear and basic faith. Islam wants its followers Faith God and live a life of its own system known as the al-Din. Hence Muslims must comply with the full faith, "he said.
For Islam, said Ustaz Zaidi, life is not ended so far in the world. This life continued until the hereafter. The world is a farm next. We are farming in the world based on faith, worship and morals of Islam, then harvest it to get the rewards and blessings of eternal paradise in the hereafter. If we were farming in the world with things that are not claimed by God, he will not be judged in the hereafter.
"If Valentine's Day is not a claim which resulted in grace and heavenly reward in the Hereafter, why do we have to celebrate? What more if he would bring a lasting pain in hell, why do not we aware of stuck with it? "Says Ustaz Zaidi. 

Valentine's Day more memorable
Commenting on the February 14 date is more memorable than the dates of Islamic greatness of others, Ustaz Zaidi, who is also the Principal Assistant Director, Marriage and Family Development, the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department, Kuala Lumpur, said various factors caused the date to remember most of the youth Islam.
"As mentioned earlier, we did not prevent Christian friends celebrate Valentine's Day because it is the practice of their faith. But surprisingly, why the Muslims are over-celebrate?
"To me, the flexibility of internal factors holding the Islamic faith is a major factor why many more to remember February 14 as compared to other dates. In fact, the Islamic faith is not to memorize the Five Pillars of Faith and Pillars of Islam.
"Islamic creed requires an appreciation of and confidence in the break, though no doubt smooth anywhere. He knows the sound of the soul, must be accompanied with the implementation, whether in the form of Islamic law or to leave instructions that are prohibited, and be alert to the limits and boundaries are provided. Muslims should know that the boundary line. Do not let it come off the border, "he said.
According to him, nor were external factors that make a great campaign against the celebration, sometimes equally with official celebrations in Malaysia.
"As Muslims, we are not encouraged to greet him. Illegal name, "he added.
Speaking more on this topic, writer, lover grew warm welcome today when some mass media advertising are excited celebration. In fact, including restaurants, hotels and shops flower began to take place on Valentine's Day celebration to promote their business premises.
In the context of media excitement featuring beloved celebrations, we should look from various angles.
Zaidi said the teacher, when one is talking about the media, he was actually talking about communication. Communication involves two parties and the networking that goes on between the media and the public.
"The media should recognize that they have a role and influence of the area. Content, advertising, words, images and symbols are displayed to give effect to the consumer media. If all is well, well its impact on society, vice versa, "he said.
He said the media should be aware that they nourish what is in the soul of the audience.
"Since the audience is always driven by passion and desire is always pushing the evil media, the display is certainly enrich your audience.
"The things we fear this story," says Ustaz Zaidi in the daily ray

Legal celebrate Valentine's Day
No error of law on the issue of Valentine's Day, because it is clearly the practice of other religions. Its rule is illegal because the response contains the elements and elements of other religions, as well as various ancillary matters which led to acts of disobedience and conflict with Islam.
Abu Dawood narrated a hadeeth means, "Whoever resembles a people, then it is included in the race."
Al-Bukhari and Muslim also says, the Prophet said, "Anyone not from practice to practice things we rejected it." Accordingly Muzakarah Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Affairs Malaysia also decided, this Valentine's Day celebration is prohibited.
Zaidi said the teacher, Valentine's Day, sometimes designed as a youth program that justifies unlimited intercourse between men and women.
"When we already know the law illegal, why is there still a passion to organize this event with a theme (love and appreciate the sacrifice for love). Illegal still illegal, it can not be halal, "he said.
Meanwhile, he urged religious authorities in carrying out proactive and preventive advice is wrong, as many states as the new year celebrations. Only the concerted efforts of various agencies and NGOs able to prevent such activity.
"We want to monitor the religious authorities before the arrival of Valentine. We do this all day because of fear that when they love, they (teenagers) love it as the day pulling out of wedlock resulting in pregnancy and abortion, "he said. 

Celebrate loved ones
The Prophet said, "No two people loving in truth but in the natural marriage." This hadith is a clear limit our beloved people, combined with a valid marriage bond. There may be asked whether Islam has no love life? The answer is that Islam is the religion of love for every human. Islam also has rules to express feelings of love and in accordance with the level and rank. Islam does not restrict only on certain dates, and not blindly and indulge. Of course if someone is unlucky on a certain date only loved and be loved just because of lust without responsibility? What happened to the husband and wife who only showed love for their partner only on Valentine's Day alone?
He said Muslims had the means to express feelings of love. For example, the highest level of love of God is celebrated by doing all things according to His purpose. Second, the love of the Prophet by implementing the Sunnah.
"Third, the love of their parents celebrated the observance and humble themselves as long as they do not conflict with religious requirements. Fourth, the love of his wife.
"Fifth, the love of offspring treated with the guidance of science and moral to-6, Muslim  relatives celebrated with honorable, giving them the right to be right and others," he said.
In conclusion, we should celebrate love every time, then happily ever after. This is a happy love.

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