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Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

ten of the world's richest author

1. James Patterson

HAVE 51 books listed in the chart of bestselling authors in the market and is estimated to have deposits amounting to RM210 million, is actually working hard to position it to ensure the birth of two novels a year to ensure that readers stay with him.

Uniquely, computer phobia and prepare Patterson novel with handwritten so amazing literary world with the ability to produce a variety of genres from comedy, romance, thriller other non-fiction works.
Another fact that may lead many authors to feel jealous or 'suicide' is his recent 17 allows Patterson reach RM300 million.

2. Stephenie Meyer
YEARS ago, Meyer managed to secure RM120 million, although he did not produce any book because since 2005, when a love story filmed pontianaknya Twilight, the novel was originally sold over 100 million copies worldwide and translated into 37 languages.
Before the Twilight series, Meyer wrote many short stories and fame was contributed by the author in the movie Twilight Series is a madness in the world so well-known author, Stephen King once said, 'He can not write, but he was ranked second,'

3. stephen king

'Godfather' to the horror genre of contemporary American and science fiction, King was ranked third with a revenue of RM102 million, while fighting with other severe alcoholism and drug addiction to prescription drugs, remains a respected writer.
With more than 80 books that were adapted to the silver screen, King received worldwide recognition for his artistic work, in addition to regularly writing articles in various journals and magazines.
In 2003, King was awarded Medal of Distinction Contribute to World Literature United States as a sign of the author recognizes the hard work involved in developing the country's fictional world,

4. Danielle Steel
EDITORS known as the queen of the romantic genre having to sit for eight novels in the bestseller charts and selling sales market last year alone, total sales of his reach RM96 million.
Novel bestseller charts in the market held in New York for 390 consecutive weeks, while 20 more novels were adapted to the silver screen.
Although criticized for most of the romance novel formula to repeat a cliche, many readers still loyal to the Steel for its ability to write on various topics and Steel recently announced to-71nya novel will be published in e-book format.

5. Ken Follett
British AUTHOR generate revenues of RM60 million last year selling novel results and its image as a writer and historical thriller genre, allows the novel sold over 100 million copies worldwide, with sales chart, four of whom sit on the New York market demand.
Follett appeared for the first time in 1978 through the novel Eye of the Needle which tells of German spies attempt to run away from Britain, but stuck with a husband and wife and the novel was filmed in 1981.
Most of the background where the Follet novel affinity, such as Salisbury London, other than Antigua, and South Africa, in addition to some location in his work is very important to him and his wife, a former member of parliament, Barbara Follet.

6. Dean Koontz
EVERY year Koontz Koontz get RM54 million and has 44 novels in the sales charts and selling in the market selling a variety of writing genres, science fiction, horror, but Koontz is regarded as a successful writer thriller genre.
Before you use your real name, Koontz writes using a pseudonym and Trixy Koontz them, other than just using your real name when producing a novel to-35.
With 16 books adapted into movies and books published each year, Koontz is expected to be in demand in the market charts.

7. Janet Evanovich
EVEN able to sell more than 20 million copies each year, Evanovich get RM48 million last year, actually started writing at age 40 with 16 Evanovich novel sales charts are in demand in the market.
Evanovich is very strict routine of writing is to write an eight-hour day and 12 hours on weekends, choosing to write in the romance genre, as well as he heard his novel, Stephanie Plum will be adapted into a film later this year with Reece Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl said the main character of the candidate.

8. John Grisham
FORMER attorney did not run away from his academic background and the thriller genre novel litigation, he obtained a RM45 million last year.
Grisham novel began to attract the reader since 1989 and so far 16 films have been produced based on the writings Grisham court drama.
As I wrote A Time To Kill, Grisham began writing routine begins at 5 am, but these efforts did not attract publishers when copies initially refused, but the incident did not cause him to despair.
Grisham then left her career as a lawyer with a full-time writer, and so far 250 million novels sold worldwide

9. Nicholas Sparks
Sparks is the new face in the charts and selling in the market last year he obtained a RM42 million to the two books will be filmed this year may boost its position in the next year, in addition to six novels have been filmed, including The Notebook.
This author began his career writing in 1985 while still at school, but, when he failed to attract the attention of the publisher.
Sparks had entered the law school, but only half way up before working as a real estate agent and sells medical equipment through the phone, other than The Notebook that appeared in 1996 completely changed his life.

10. JK Rowling
FAMOUS with young wizards series, Harry Potter, Rowling is an amazing and worldwide recognition of his work that allows it sold 400 million copies with ease.
Letters JK Rowling's name on the front is actually the idea that publishers are concerned with the position of women Rowling as a writer who often failed to penetrate the teen books that boys dominated.
However, this book is not only attractive young men, but women also filmed and added that Rowling's wealth, other than publicity for the novel allows Rowling deemed as one of the richest celebrities more influential in Britain.


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