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Khamis, 19 Mei 2011

How To Make Money With Blogs Want?

Blogs have become popular these days and probably many Internet users already have a blog for its own purposes. Some of it was just a fun blog, then there is a serious business but want to look for more pocket money. Many newbie ask whether the right to make money with a blog? Powered business world has changed since the existence of the Internet. For me business is no longer done in a conventional manner but in reality only be made online and more 'free' or if it be way easier. Maybe here I can share some ideas to make money with a blog that has a lot of people do and successful:

1.If you do not mind you can write a review / opinion on products, services or other opportunities in accordance with the requirements PayPerPost.Com which they will pay for any review or post that has been made on your blog. Can also be publisher of Click2sell, LinkWorth and social network that emerged as a new competitor up the PeopleString Network which will give us a commission with each referral

.2.Another method which can also bring a lot of money through a blog is with Google Adsense. Many of my friends in Malaysia and around the world have managed to generate income with Adsense this. Easiest way to get a Google Adsense account is a blog on and create a niche of its own in English. With each click of the visitors to your blog in adsense banner will provide a profitable return. Certainly, you honestly do adsense kene this, please do not be too 'clever' for click fraud because Google is more intelligent about the system against you.

3.Create an affiliate program to generate additional income. It is quite easy because you only promote affiliate program links the product / service vendors that they provide. About the question of the purchase, delivery and other issues need not worry because it is the work the vendor / provider of affiliate program. We just make sure it links well to get promoted after the commission offered.Examples of affiliate programs, such as the Klikjer.Com, MasKahwin.Com, IdeaBisnesLuarBiasa and much more.

4.Sell ​​banner ads or text links on your blog. If your site has high traffic hits or may take the opportunity to sell advertising space on the edge or memana part of your blog. May sell links or advertising to rent for a week, monthly or yearly. Depending on your traffic capacity, the more hits the higher the price of your banner ads. The simplest example of the advertising on the web as or the already high price he was quite a lot of traffic based on hits per day.

5.Sell ​​your own products .. This method may be realized if you have a product or service itself. For example, you sell second hand books with a novel synopsis and review some of you have read the novel and sell it for half the price of the original price or a more appropriate discretion. Any product or service can be sold through the blog under a certain category. It depends on your creativity.
Tips above can give a simple guide for those who want to make money with your blog more easily. Of course if you want money kenelah wat a terrible business and not lazy to learn new things.There are many ways to make money with blogs as long as we continue to learn and explore opportunities in the internet with more depth ... All da best and good luck.


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