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Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

As the foreign world

in remote area of ​​117.600 hectares, is showing seven layers of earth as the main formation of layer cake. It is produced when rock layers are eroded gross over millions of years, exposing hundreds of different rock layers of natural beauty of God's creation is amazing. The existence of various forms of this wonderful land unbelievable if not seen, so that sometimes feels like being in another world.

Dry Valley - AntarcticaDry Valley in Antarctica on Earth are believed to be the location of the closest parallels with the planet Mars. This stunning landscape is the only area in Antarctica that is not received distribution of snow. Most amazing, this valley has a salt water lake with a thick ice frozen for up to several meters.

Socotra Island - North India Socotra island separated from mainland Africa for the past six or seven million years ago and a unique habitat for 700 species of flora and fauna, including trees that still have the same shape as 20 million years ago.

Stone Forest - ChinaMiles of forest, or Shilin in the local language, resulting from the process of filtering the water eroded the soil surface of all parts except the core. It is known since the Ming Dynasty as the First Wonder of the World.

Mauritania is located in the southwestern Sahara.
 It is a remarkable development in an area 48 kilometers in diameter and can be seen from space. Richat structures initially considered formed by meteor impact, but geological experts now believe it is the  result of erosion and the movement of the earth layer. However, the cause of this rounded shape structure is still a mystery.

Hot Springs Airport - United StatesLike watching a fantasy film,
 Hot Springs Airport is located in Nevada, USA. It occurs when the hot water in the ground began to terpancur out to the surface in the late 1960s with a shot into the air as high as 1.5 meters.

Goreme - Cappadocia from the Rose Valley

Flue-Pari Pari - TurkeyLandscape in Cappadocia, 

Turkey is making you feel like the surface of the moon was formed due to continuous erosion of the volcano by the wind and rain.

Aurora borealis
 - the North PoleAurora is a spectacular natural light show on the heavens that occur in Earth's atmosphere and can be seen in the north or south pole.

Cliff National Monument Vermilion - United States
Landscaping a steep slope up to 915 meters located in remotearea of ​​117.600 hectares, is showing seven layers of earth as the main formation of layer cake. It is produced when rock layers areeroded gross over millions of years, exposing hundreds of layers of rock of various colors.

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